Salem United Methodist Church

Christians in Action

Pastor Chris Langham and family

The mission of Salem United Methodist Church is to "Make Disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."


Preach the Gospel and Love the People

July 2019 Salem United Methodist Church, with much joy, welcomed  a new Pastor Christopher W. Langham, his wife Renee, and their three children,  Dylan, Chase, and Jessica.

This is Chris first church.  He retired after 29 years as a firefighter in Winston-Salem and Kernersville. Retiring as Fire Chief of Kernersville. Chris and his family were very active in their home church, being one of the leaders in children's ministry and giving sermons in the youth service.  They held a small group Bible study in their home.

Having grown up with devout Christian grandparents, he has never doubted the presents of Christ in his life.  Chris says because he is a teacher and student at heart , his time at John Wesley College made him realize we also need to teach the "why" do we believe what we believe. It is important to educate as well as lead. If we do this in a loving contagious way, we will be a part of our mission in makin Disciples of Christ.

Dr. John Robert Nations